Aza Mini’s and Aza Comics in Print!

After much leg pulling from my six-year-old sister, I have finally released the Aza Mini’s Kids line.  Kids can follow the epic of adventures of The Keepers as children in our print and digital editions.  The book is also available in Spanish.

All merch and coloring books are available in the Aza Shop as well with discount book and shirt bundles.  The books are written by my stepmother Kimberly Truesdale.  I thought that it would be better that a mother with child would be the best person to author a book for children, and I was right.  The book is great…I promise.

The Keepers: Origins will finally be available in print.  After many requests and finally finding the right printing partner the print edition is officially available for preorder in the Aza Shop!  Get it now before it hits stores!

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